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Process, Package and Product Qualification

Process qualification verifies that the process is stable and that devices behave as stated and will do so without drift for a pre-determined period of time. For semiconductors, it is normally the responsibility of the Fab; for board assembly, the electronic manufacturer. If you need independent third-party analysis, MuAnalysis can help.

Package qualification ensures that the package will protect the die from harm, since microelectronic or photonic devices are small, fragile and difficult to access. Package qualification looks at the environment, not the application.

Product qualification verifies the compatibility of the die and package and determines any handling restriction in the final application. Jedec, Telcordia or MIL standards apply for components and modules. For finished board assemblies, Muanalysis offers MAJIC.

MuAnalysis offers complete product and package qualification for a variety of technologies including

Typical Test Procedures for ASICS Package Qualification Product Qualification
Operating Life
Moisture Resistance
Pre-Conditioning and Autoclave
Pre-Conditioning and Temperature Cycling
Pre-Conditioning and Humidity Bias
High Temperature Storage, Low Temperature Storage
Construction Analysis
Mechanical Integrity
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