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About Us

Look deeper.

How was it made? What makes it work? Is it real or copied?
How long will it live? What makes it fail? How could it be better?

The manufacturing environment is hurried, competitive, harsh and unforgiving. For manufacturing to be profitable and problem-free, products must function flawlessly in even the harshest environments.

We cut our teeth in the semiconductor business, and techniques so effective and reliable that other industries soon came knocking at our lab door. But our reputation for excellence comes not just from testing but also from analysis. Together, our technicians, engineers and scientists figure out both what and why. We look deeper (that's our motto) until we know all the pertinent details of a device and, more important, understand how those characteristics affect performance.

We're independent

Most of our projects are either repeat business or word-of-mouth. We think that's because we're small, independent, focused and expert-exactly what you need when things get tough. When you have a device or product that needs a closer look by someone outside your own supply chain, choose MuAnalysis.

We know you're in a hurry

Urgent is our standard work pace. We move quickly, operate smartly and stay in close touch with you as our testing and analysis progresses.

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